Lions Gate 8.8.2020

We have a significant energy coming from 8.August called the Lions Gate.I have attached a channelled message.
Dear Ones
Each year on the 8th of the 8th a portal opens to a higher alignment.
Connecting you with this wisdom of the star Sirius.
What does this mean?
You have an opportunity to shift thought and consciousness to a higher way of thinking and being.
The earth is filled with lower vibational energy which is the drama and chaos and negative way of thinking.
In your true self you have a higher self and this is an oportunity to look through that place instead of perhaps what is usually is around you.
This is not just for one day but the shift could allow a permanent change.
During this time the veil is very thin to your loved ones and your guides so you may feel them around or having lots of dreams or getting your own psychic information.
All of your extra senses could be awakened during this time.
You may feel more, hear more or see more than usual.
This is a great time to allow yourself to awaken and leave the drama behind.
The choice is yours.
Allow yourself to have some inner quietness with meditation, breath work or walking. This will allow the true nature of what you are meant to be experiencing to come to the surface.
Leading up to and during the opening you may experience physical symptoms such as light headedness , digestive issues or mild headaches.
Your intuition will be heightened and astral travelling at night.
During this time there will also be many endings and also new beginnings.
Heightened time is 8 th of August until the 18th of August.
Blessings Ashtar
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February is upon us .

In numerology this is a two.

The influence will be for the month to find peace and harmony in your life .
Step away from the fast pace and find a relaxing activity that appeals .
Maybe just find some time for yourself.

At the very least step away from mental activity that we easily get caught up in .

Two is also associated with increased intuition so pay particular attention to your gut feelings on a person or situation.

This maybe a good month to start yoga or meditation.

Chanelled Message 2020

New moon and Solar eclipse Thursday 26th December.
This will represent a chance for a fresh start either to the way we think or what we do.
Eclipses tend to give us a giant shove to make us move away from our comfort zones.

This is always for our highest self but we don't always think that way.
I have added a channelled message regarded 2020 below.

Merry Christmas To everyone

Dear Ones
2019 has been a time of growth and learning. We know it has not been easy for many of you.
The earth has been going through a major frequency shift for the last few years.
You were living in a place of 3rd dimensional living meaning the lower energy of just physical and emotional thoughts.
and you may have been caught up in limiting belief systems, caught up in drama and emotional issues and fear.

As the earth steps up to a higher frequency of 5th dimensional energy and above you will find your higher self or start to think as a spiritual being.
Many of the experiences you have are a way to get you to look at life from a higher perspective.
2019 has been for many a harsh learning year but these things may have changed you or opened a door to different opportunities.
Eventually you will look to your higher side and the dramas of lower living will not effect you.

Everthing is changing . The society you live in will change.

Types of jobs will change moving forward.
2020 is a year for movement.
This is an opportunity to move forward in your life and find fullfillment and happiness.
This comes from being in a place of gratitude, listening to your own heart energy .

You are moving to a place of personal power.Meaning that you have the power within you to create and manifest
Every thought, every action is powerful so now is the time to watch your words . When you say things positively or negatively it is creative.
For example when you criticise yourself ,it shrinks your energy field and leaves you feeling diminsished.
When you say i will never have money, you are creating a negative pattern around money and there fore you won't have money the same with relationships.
Take the time think about what you are saying because it is very powerful.

Make the most of the magical year that is around the corner.
Above all, step away from the drama and listen to your real self.



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We have a spiritual gateway opening on the 10th of the 10th this thursday.
October represents new beginnings in numerology so there is going to be a significant emphasis on this.
A spiritual gateway means for a short period of time energies change so that we have the opportunity to grow personally.
Time to really let go of what we can't control in our lives and more importantly let go of the small stuff.
This an opportunity when your higher self which is filled with divine wisdom is waiting to connect with you.
Time to listen but first we need to queiten our heads so that we can hear clearly.
Just to clarify you may not actually hear it as the universe speaks to us individually.
Some people see, hear, feel or higher thoughts come in.
For many people it is just a very strong pull to change something or everything in your life.
The key is allow the head to be quiet and receive the message in your own way.
Many light workers struggle between living in our material world and trusting your spiritual side.
Choose to listen to your inner knowing and you will be led to a happy path.
The material side or logical side is filled with fear and uncertainty.
Ultimately the choice is always yours but you always need
back yourself.

Steps to help the head be quiet.
Sit quietly with no distractions
Imagine dropping down away from your body.
Letting go of the physical thoughts.
letting go of the emotions
letting go of the thoughts
dropping down to the soul body
dropping down to the collective
dropping down to purre love , pure energy
dropping down to the void


Channelled Mesage

Channelled message from Metatron.

To be able to move forward in your souls journey you must remind yourself that you are an expression of light.
Your journey is a temporary situation filled with lessons and experiences for the soul and then you return to light.
To bring you into your right path or to break free of the illusion
repeat the statement three times to your self.

" I am now an expression of divine light"

This will help you when drama fills your life.

State "all that is illusion is now absorbed into light"
say this three times.

To clear patterns that you may be carrying from relatives or ancestors.
State " i release cell memory patterns of my ancestors"
You carry patterns with in your cells of your body until released.
For example their may be a limitation from a previous generation regarding abundance and you can't seem to get ahead. There could be a subconscious block
.It could be about relationships or any aspect of your life.
Say this statement 3 times.

'I am now free of all contracts." Three times
This could be sacred contracts, past life contracts, karmic contracts.
These contracts sometimes keep you allowing someone very negative in your life to keep coming back".

"I am now free and limitless"
This will allow you to connect with your soul energy rather than what we think we need to do or what we think is expected.
Staying on your own path.


Lions Gate 8. 8


On thursday we have the spiritual and energetic gateway of 8.8
This is a massive opportunity to rise above our limitations and live as a higher way of thinking and being.
You are probably already feeling energy, You may be having wierd dreams or restless nights, you may feel the need for quietness and nature. You may literally feel like doing nothing.

When we talk of going beyond limitations it means on a higher spiritual level. 
We get caught up in the drama and emotions of other and forget we are spiritual being s having a physical experience.
At out core we have so much potential to create and manifest and have an amazing experience and connect with the full flow of the universe.
When gateways like this appear this is a great time to reconsider everthing that is not good and what you would like to bring in.
Do not listen to others. Only you can make decisions for you.

Think about writing out a list or thoughts on the 7th of August. Listing changes or things you would like to alter or let go of.
Pay special attention to what keeps coming to you repeatedly in thoughts or dreams that may be leading you in a new direction.
Its all up to you. Opportunities for personal growth are there right now but you have to back yourself and believe yourself.
You deserve it.

New Moon


New moon 5 April.
New moons of course are always about renewal or fresh starts.
Because we are in April more emphasis on movement and starting over.
There will be a big soul searching as to clearing the past to enable you to move forward.
Remembering April is about action and actually doing something about your ideas.

We need to put our thoughts into action.
I have a favourite saying if you sit on the couch for a year, guess what happens . Nothing .
Stop waiting for the universe or destiny to move for you.
You are destiny .

Channeled Message. The Shift

We are going through significant vibrational and spiritual  shifts at the moment. 

For a long time we have lived third dimensionally , getting caught up in low emotions such as fear, hurt, anger.

The earth is shifting into a higher vibration meaning we have an opportunity to live as a higher being.

In the higher self we have the ability to tap into the correct flow of the universe.When we are connected things fall into place for you and everything will flow.LIfe is only a struggle if we are living in the lower vibration.

Many illnesses are starting to manifest  because we are too much in this space.

Place yourself in a gratitude energy and the timing of today and you can turn your life around.

Tap into the magic of the universe.


New Moon


New moon dec 7 th 

First the good news . New moons represent new beginnings so write out your list of intentions.

Mercury the planet of communication has been retrograde for a few weeks but has gone back to direct today so better for business and moving forward. 

The negative is a lot of strong energies are around this new moon so you may get angry,or react strongly to people of situations . 

By not allowing yourself to get involved in drama and not responding anger with anger you will sail through .


New Moon 10 September2018

New moon 10th September.
This is a practical new moon where you will be able to take realistic look at your life. We often get caught up in fantasies or how we think things are or what we want them to be . You will have the opportunity to look as exactly what is and make steps forward to change your life if needed.
You might look to the body to change or improve health issues. Move the body is a start or maybe changing diet.
New moons are always about the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new one as choose what you would like to change or improve on.