April Numerology

April is upon us.

In numerology this is a four.

Four is an action number so this is the month for movement.

March may have been a month of thinking and planning but now is the time to put these into action.

Perhaps you have had stagnancy and this is likely to change.

Remembering that nothing will happen unless you take action to change.

This may be the month to look at physically moving your body.

Perhaps a new healthy regime or find time to exercise.

Maybe planning a hiking or adventure holiday.

Whatever you have been thinking about now is the green light to start  

Gateway 22.2.2022

Big Energetic shifts are occurring right now.

Next Tuesday is the 22.2.2022

22 is a spiritual master so this date is very significant.

You  can probably feel it already.

There area lot of people passing or having health issues.

Lots of pregnancies.

Lots of massive changes coming on suddenly.

Keep everything to the moment as  in deal with things one day at a time. If you look too far ahead it will get you depressed or stressed.

Look after body ,mind, soul.

Eat well, book into a healer.

What is occurring now will lead to bigger changes later this year.

The seeds are being planted right now.

Be careful, be kind.

Know whatever is occurring is as it is meant to be.

Find the time to quieten your head.

2022 Year of creation

The end of the year is upon us.
2022 is a 6year in Numerology.
In addition to this we have the energy of 222.(master number )
All influences have a duality.
We have free will to use the influence that is put before us.
Firstly on the positive side it is a year of creation and creative.
Perhaps you have the urge to start a creative project .
Writing, music ,art, gardening.
Listen to your inner self as a guide to what you would like to do.
The number 6 is also associated with self creation.
Using the mind energy to create and manifest on a positive way.
Remembering the thousands of year old energy of what you focus on is what you create.
The negative side is the opposite. Focusing on a negative gets you more of the same thing.
If you have been stuck ask yourself what is your self talk, what is your pattern.
If its not helpful ,turn the talk around.
It can take three weeks to turn a mind pattern around.
It may help to write out an affirmation ie: everything i need is now coming to me easily and effortlessly .
2022 may influence you to spend time outdoor connecting with plants, animals ,ocean , mountains any part of nature.
There may also be a pull to get involved in helping others. Something like doing a healing course or volunteering.
What ever is right for you .
There is not one influence.
January of course represents new beginnings so time to rethink
what you want to do.
It is good to buy a book to write down thoughts, dreams , affirmations,
The last 2 months you have probably been having a magnificent letting go of people, situations, family patterns so the time is ripe for rethinking.
Maybe light a candle and intent for 2022.
Will the events of the last two years go on.
Yes is the short answer.
Some normality as far as travel mid 2022.
There has been a lot of anger, fear and influence in the last 12 months.
Listen to your self rather than everyone else.
Stay in the moment
This is your year .
I love 6 it is a great influence and a year associated with moving forward.
The 222 will influence us to look at our spiritual side.
Step out of the drama and find your quietness within.
Love to all.


December is tomorrow.
Where did That year go.
In numerology December it is a three.
Three is associated with learning so perhaps it’s time to think about what you would like to do next year as far as perhaps study or learning a new hobby of some sort.
Sometimes the learning can be doing some practical type of things so it maybe in general that you just decide to change an aspect of your life and move practically forward with that.
Trying things you have been wanting to do.
Three is also the number associated with lightheartedness and fun so maybe time to look at life less seriously than you have been been and be more in the moment .
Love and light .
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Chanelled Message Ashtar

Channelled message .
If you are wanting to change circumstances change in your life you need to change the energy from asking and wishing and turn it into believing that things will change.
You are all have a master energy within and at the moment you are starting to access that powerful centre.
Remember that you have capacity to live through a higher way of thinking and being.
You do not have to be a slave to your emotions.
The energy of fear ,anger and upset is lower energy and the illusion of the earth and the only truth is the unity of oneness and love.
You have forgotten that and have been caught up in the chaos that surrounds you or listening to others and attaching yourself to their fear and anger .
We are here to remind you that you are light and also to tell you how powerful you are.
While many light workers have the urge to help and heal others
the truth is you only have control over your own life.
You can help but not fix.
Individually you have to allow yourself to heal.
For the moment focus on your own thoughts and your healing.
If you are having work problems or relationship problems or money issues look at where your focus is. If your story to yourself is
how bad the situation is then you are adding to the problem.
No change will come when you are focusing on what is wrong.
Stop telling people, stop telling yourself how bad it is. You know how bad it is,
The moment you stop, quieten your mind and decide to change your destiny and outcome you have accessed your powerful inner mind.
Focus on how you would like things to be until you have the belief and you see things change. Do not expect this in a day or even a week.
You have to move forward with actions once your do believe.
An idea may come but you do nothing the nothing will happen.
Take action.
It can take time for a belief system to change.
Now is the time to take your power back and choose to create a better set of circumstances and the key is believe in yourself.
Blessing Ashtar
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Lions Gate 8.August 2021

Lions Gate Portal.

A portal is a spiritual gateway to a higher way of thinking and being.

This awakening opens on the 8th of August and usually stays open for about 10 days.

This is an opportunity to enhance everything in your life for the better.

Accessing our own Lion energy.

Before the gateway think about what you would like  to release ,emotionally, mentally .physically.

Make sure you find some quiet reflection time.

This gateway allows you to connect with to your higher self (5th dimensional and above)

The higher self is a spiritual version of yourself - all seeing, all knowing.

Our usual self is clouded by the density of low level thinking (3rd dimensional) fear, drama , limitations.

This is a great opportunity to rise above and be the best version of yourself.

The usual things will occur but you will change the way you react to the situation.

You will need to listen to your inner thoughts during to progress.

ie:  You may have a wonderful awakening during this time about what to do or changes to make but you actually need to put the plans into action.

What you do is up to you.

Leading up the the Lions gate you may be having intense dreams, slightly foggy in the head. Some people can feel extra tired.

Take care.


This is a wonderful gateway

June energies

June is  here.

In numerology this is a 6.

6 is the number of creativity.

You may feel the need to decorate, paint, write or change the furnishings.

Anything atall that is creative or using your mind to create or manifest changes in your life.

6 is also associated with the elements so you may have the urge to be outside.

Mountains, Ocean or just being in the garden.

Because 6 is a mind number make sure your thoughts are put to what you want rather than focusing on the negative.  

MAY 2021

May is upon us.

In Numerology  this is a five.

Five has many features.

It is a soul number.It represents freedom and also determination.

You will probably feel the freedom energy strongest.

What do you want to be free of?

Maybe a work situation or relationships.

Maybe you will want to get away from everything and everyone and go on a short break.

As a soul number you will be looking for things to nurture your soul such   as nature tgrips, relaxation classes,reading motivational books.

Soul energy  can also make you look for like minded souls.

Whatever you decide you will have the dedication to follow through with it.  


Clairsentience is the ability to feel.
This is what is commonly called gut instinct.
It is the strongest psychic ability we have naturally.
We just need to trust it.
Often we get a bad feeling about a person or situation and the head gets involved and tries to talk us out of it but the gut is always right.
Many empaths feel the energy of others so its important to protect your own energy with simple exercises .
This will stop you getting drained of energy.
Each morning do a visualisation of white light from head to toe following by a bubble of protection.
There are a lot of protective techniques. Don't get confused just try one that suits.
This is not out of fear, its so you do not take on other peoples energy.
With turmoil in the world, empaths are going nuts with other peoples fear .
Doing the protection will help as well as focusing on sending love and healing rather than negativities.

Lions Gate 8.8.2020

We have a significant energy coming from 8.August called the Lions Gate. I have attached a channeled message.
Dear Ones
Each year on the 8th of the 8th a portal opens to a higher alignment.
Connecting you with this wisdom of the star Sirius.
What does this mean?
You have an opportunity to shift thought and consciousness to a higher way of thinking and being.
The earth is filled with lower vibrational energy which is the drama and chaos and negative way of thinking.
In your true self you have a higher self and this is an opportunity to look through that place instead of perhaps what is usually is around you.
This is not just for one day but the shift could allow a permanent change.
During this time the veil is very thin to your loved ones and your guides so you may feel them around or having lots of dreams or getting your own psychic information.
All of your extra senses could be awakened during this time.
You may feel more, hear more or see more than usual.
This is a great time to allow yourself to awaken and leave the drama behind.
The choice is yours.
Allow yourself to have some inner quietness with meditation, breath work or walking. This will allow the true nature of what you are meant to be experiencing to come to the surface.
Leading up to and during the opening you may experience physical symptoms such as light headedness , digestive issues or mild headaches.
Your intuition will be heightened and astral travelling at night.
During this time there will also be many endings and also new beginnings.
Heightened time is 8th of August until the 18th of August.
Blessings Ashtar
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