Psychic Medium, Janice Richards

Janice Richards is a gifted psychic medium & channel working from the Brisbane suburb of Carina.

All readings and development work are conducted with compassion and discretion. Find out more >>

Psychic Readings

Janice will see, hear and sense the energy of passed loved ones and give messages and clarification from them.


Janice is also able to help with psychic energy readings. She will tune into your energy field to give you a very deep level reading on a variety of areas from what is happening at the moment with regard to, direction, relationships, natural gifts & blockages in your life. Find out more >>


Energy Healings

Janice is a Reiki Master working with the healing masters and angels and brings through channeled healing energy to work on your etheric self which helps you to heal emotionally on a deep level. The healing also involves sound healing with crystal singing bowls and crystal pyramid which allows the body to heal on a very deep level. Find out more >>

House Readings

Energy readings can also extend to your house where Janice can pinpoint areas in your house or business that have blocked energy that would be creating a problem or lack of movement. She also conducts House Clearings to shift unwanted energies. Find out more >>


Psychic Development Workshops

Janice also conducts Psychic Development Classes including:

Personal Intuitive & Empowerment Workshop (ideal for beginners to intermediate)

Psychic Energy Workshops (intermediate to very advanced)


Dream Analysis

Find out more >>


Meditation & Healing Circles

Each fortnight Janice runs a Meditation, Healing and Channeling Circle, which is followed by an interactive healing with other members of the group including messages from Janice. The circle content is flexible and the structure may vary each fortnight. It is suitable for people at all levels from intermediate to very advanced. Find out more >>


Janice Richard's Signs & Symbols, Transformational and Healing Oracle Cards

Special - $24 per pack which includes the 44 card deck, comprehensive booklet all together in a black velvet bag. Postage will be charged at standard Australia Post rates. Contact Janice to purchase Signs & Symbols.


The cards, Sign and Symbols, were inspired by many years looking to nature for a connection with the universe. We see signs all the time -  in dreams, in meditation or in person. These signs are a clue to help us in our life, to encourage, heal and show direction.


Each day you start a new journey, start to look for clues and support. Signs and symbols are nothing new,  ancient cultures constantly looked to nature for inspiration.


The cards are broken up into four categories:



You can simply choose a card a day for inspiration or use the more detailed layouts described in the booklet.




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