House Energy Readings

Houses and buildings hold energy. Anything that has occurred on the land or in the house affects the energy within.

A house should always be cleared when you move in to remove any energy remaining  from the previous tenants because you have no idea  what type of events happened before you moved there. If the former tenants had a bad relationship or tragic event, the energy can linger. You can however clear minor energy yourself by burning sage or dragonsblood incense.

During home energy readings, Janice comes to your house and assesses areas that may be creating blocks in your life.


Janice offers two different types of service:


Removal of Earthbound Spirits

Sometimes there are earth bound spirits that can be causing problems and disturbing the residents. This can be for a variety of reasons, some times it is attached to a person or a trauma that has occurred in the house or on the property.

For whatever reason, a house clearing is performed. Most times these spirits are harmless and Janice uses her mediumship abilities to help any spirits move on.


Clearing Energy blockages

Your house is a reflection of yourself or what is happening in your life. If there is an energy block it can affect a wide range of issues like relationships, career and 

personal health to name a few.


Janice uses her psychic abilities to pick up blocked energy as well as looking at dates of birth to analyse house numbers, colours and positioning of furniture that would be most suited to the house's occupants. Recommendations would be given to help with energy movement mostly in the form of decorating, bringing in colours suited to individuals, moving items around and sometimes discarding items or adding items that bring in positive energy.


By changing the energy in and around your house and bringing in a positive energy, you can remove blocks and create the circumstances that you are looking for. These visits normally take an hour or more to complete.


I am called out to houses for many different reasons. People often feel a presence or see things that frighten them. Often the presence is a lost soul, which means a soul that has died but not crossed over successfully into the light. This can happen for a number of reasons. Perhaps they passed suddenly or traumatically. Sometimes trauma has occurred on the land, and the current occupants are disturbed by long dead convicts that were used for hard labour or aboriginal energy that’s been displaced.


In these circumstances the souls are earth bound and that’s why some people can see or feel spirits in the house. Sometimes it can be a friend or relative that has suicided and wants to connect with someone in the family.



When I’m called out to a house for a clearing I conduct sound healing with a crystal bowl, or burn a smudge stick, which helps to clear the energy. And as a medium I talk to the spirits and move them on.


Story of a house clearing

One of the most profound was is Spring Hill where I was called into a share house of girls in their early twenties. The young women couldn't sleep, kept hearing noises, and seeing spirits in the hallway. They were really frightened.


As I started the clearing I kept hearing many heavy footsteps and saw some very dirty, shabbily dressed men. They turned out to be three convicts, which had been trapped on the land for hundreds of years. There was literally a trail of men walking through the hallway. One girl said, ‘Yes I heard heavy footsteps many times.’ The convicts made all the roads in that area of Brisbane in the early 1800's.


So I opened up a connection for these men to pass over properly, and they dissolved into light. I saw them going, one at a time. The girls rang me a week later to say the house had changed enormously and there was no more noise or sightings.


Payment & Bookings

Cost for either the Removal of Earth bound spirits or Clearing energy blockages: $165+ (AUD) depending on location.


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