Chanelled Message Ashtar

Channelled message .
If you are wanting to change circumstances change in your life you need to change the energy from asking and wishing and turn it into believing that things will change.
You are all have a master energy within and at the moment you are starting to access that powerful centre.
Remember that you have capacity to live through a higher way of thinking and being.
You do not have to be a slave to your emotions.
The energy of fear ,anger and upset is lower energy and the illusion of the earth and the only truth is the unity of oneness and love.
You have forgotten that and have been caught up in the chaos that surrounds you or listening to others and attaching yourself to their fear and anger .
We are here to remind you that you are light and also to tell you how powerful you are.
While many light workers have the urge to help and heal others
the truth is you only have control over your own life.
You can help but not fix.
Individually you have to allow yourself to heal.
For the moment focus on your own thoughts and your healing.
If you are having work problems or relationship problems or money issues look at where your focus is. If your story to yourself is
how bad the situation is then you are adding to the problem.
No change will come when you are focusing on what is wrong.
Stop telling people, stop telling yourself how bad it is. You know how bad it is,
The moment you stop, quieten your mind and decide to change your destiny and outcome you have accessed your powerful inner mind.
Focus on how you would like things to be until you have the belief and you see things change. Do not expect this in a day or even a week.
You have to move forward with actions once your do believe.
An idea may come but you do nothing the nothing will happen.
Take action.
It can take time for a belief system to change.
Now is the time to take your power back and choose to create a better set of circumstances and the key is believe in yourself.
Blessing Ashtar
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