About Janice Richards

Janice Richards is an internationally renowned psychic medium and numerologist in Brisbane.


She has done extensive work helping others to find their way through individual readings. Janice has also worked in media promoting intuitive and metaphysical matters.

She regularly runs workshops to help others with their own personal and psychic development as well as numerology and dream analysis.


Janice came from a family of intuitives, but didn’t realise this until she was much older.


"When you always have an ability it is just normal for you.

I was aware of spirit voices - Clairaudience, from quite a young age. But I never paid attention to them. Many a time as I grew into a late teenager the voices got stronger telling me not to get on the train because it was going to break down. As usual I ignored it and of course it broke down. I started to listen somewhat after that."


She was always fascinated with numbers as in numerology and always knew which days were lucky for her. As she researched numerology as an adult she discovered those days were indeed lucky for her.


Janice went to her first reader when she was 18. The reader confirmed a lot of her interest in numerology and other things she had always felt. Even though she went down a business path for work and was a trainer for many years, she was always reading psychic and spiritual books in her spare time. In her early 20s she went to a talk by a monk who spoke about the belief of mind energy and how you get whatever you concentrate on. This talk amazed her and she tried to practice mind energy and manifesting from that point onwards.


When Janice was 23 years old she experienced a death within the family , which changed her whole perspective on life. This experience pushed her even more into study of the spirit world. She started going to a meditation group and the person running it channelled . This was fascinating for her, a guide talking through another person. It was in this group that all her gifts just came to the surface. She discovered she was a natural channel and before long had to start her own group because she had outgrown the other group. At this time Janice was still working in a large organisation, but everything about it felt  wrong and so she had to walk away.


Instead, she decided to facilitate psychic groups, run workshops and give readings. Even though she was scared, underneath she had a very strong feeling that it would all be ok. The first week after Janice left her 'day job' she had a lady ring about classes. It turned out she had five people with her who were also interested.


It was a slow start but she has never looked back, and has always given readings and run classes because she really wants to help people.