Energy Healing

Janice is a Reiki Master working with the healing masters and angels and brings through channeled healing energy to work on your etheric self which helps you to heal emotionally on a deep level.

This particularly helps to balance the energy centres and remove emotional blocks that are holding you back.

 The healing also involves sound healing with crystal singing bowls and crystal pyramid which allows the body to heal on a very deep level and remove remove trauma from the cells of the body.


Many illnesses can be related back to emotional episodes in a person’s life.

During healing Janice sees traumas and events that the body has stored in this or a previous life time and the negative energy associated with these events is broken up. These affect the energy centres(chakras) and then flow on to the physical body. She uses her psychic abilities and the healing energy of her guides to open up the client’s energy field. This type of healing also deals with 'The Core Issue' for these emotions, and balances and clears the chakras.


Some blocks or patterns can be traced to past life trauma and Janice works on a deep level with the client to recall this event and release cell memory so that it can be cleared in this lifetime. These types of healing is always conducted in a

sensitive and gentle way  but can have a very effective change in moving forward.


Energy Healing Sessions

What can you expect during the Healing session. During a healing session, Janice uses a combination of methods to help clear and balance the chakra and emotional issues you are having.


To begin with she uses a large crystal bowl for sound healing, which allows the vibration of the bowl to wash over you. This particularly clears the solar plexus chakra where we hold hurt and anger, and also the emotional heart energy, which holds grief. The sound waves resonate with the cells of your body allowing a deep release of old outdated family patterns, past life patterns or current situations. Essential oils are placed on your feet to help with the release. Essential oils have been used since Ancient Egypt as a healing aid: to heal, to calm, and to release.


Janice then works with Reiki energy working on the energy centres above your body. Our chakras or energy centres that hold our emotions get out of balance. The Reiki energy balances those centres so you can cope with situations, release and move forward. The session is finished off with a final round of sound healing.


After the session you will be deeply relaxed. It is important for you to go quietly after the session because you need time for the healing to do its work. Stay away from noisy or busy places for an hour afterwards, as they can be a shock to your system.   

Payment & Bookings for Healing Sessions

Payments for all healing sessions are made by cash or bank transfer.


COST: $100 (AUD) for 45 mins, $122 (AUD) for 60 mins.

NOTE: Please contact Janice directly for booking and payment details.




0402 139 146