2022 Year of creation

The end of the year is upon us.
2022 is a 6year in Numerology.
In addition to this we have the energy of 222.(master number )
All influences have a duality.
We have free will to use the influence that is put before us.
Firstly on the positive side it is a year of creation and creative.
Perhaps you have the urge to start a creative project .
Writing, music ,art, gardening.
Listen to your inner self as a guide to what you would like to do.
The number 6 is also associated with self creation.
Using the mind energy to create and manifest on a positive way.
Remembering the thousands of year old energy of what you focus on is what you create.
The negative side is the opposite. Focusing on a negative gets you more of the same thing.
If you have been stuck ask yourself what is your self talk, what is your pattern.
If its not helpful ,turn the talk around.
It can take three weeks to turn a mind pattern around.
It may help to write out an affirmation ie: everything i need is now coming to me easily and effortlessly .
2022 may influence you to spend time outdoor connecting with plants, animals ,ocean , mountains any part of nature.
There may also be a pull to get involved in helping others. Something like doing a healing course or volunteering.
What ever is right for you .
There is not one influence.
January of course represents new beginnings so time to rethink
what you want to do.
It is good to buy a book to write down thoughts, dreams , affirmations,
The last 2 months you have probably been having a magnificent letting go of people, situations, family patterns so the time is ripe for rethinking.
Maybe light a candle and intent for 2022.
Will the events of the last two years go on.
Yes is the short answer.
Some normality as far as travel mid 2022.
There has been a lot of anger, fear and influence in the last 12 months.
Listen to your self rather than everyone else.
Stay in the moment
This is your year .
I love 6 it is a great influence and a year associated with moving forward.
The 222 will influence us to look at our spiritual side.
Step out of the drama and find your quietness within.
Love to all.