Client Testimonials

Below you can read Testimonials written by a number of Janice's clients. They cover most aspects of her work including Psychic Readings, Energy Healing, Various Courses she operates, and the Meditation & Healing Circles she has been running for many years.


These Testimonials have either been given to Janice in person or posted on Facebook or other social media websites. They are written from the heart and provide valuable insight into the quality of work she has done for so many people.

Psychic Readings

When my child died I had a deep need to know that she was ok, not alone and was still a part of my life. The reading that I had with you more than confirmed that – you were able to provide specific details right down to her favourite song and spoke of events that occurred before and after her death that also in no way could be called a guess (and we’re talking of more than just a couple of facts here, the reading was full of them!). Most importantly for me though, the comfort and sense of relief that I had after that day is still with me – when it seems impossible to get up and keep going after such a horrible loss I am able to listen back to the tape made and again find the energy to carry on.

Thank you 


I have been seeing Janice for readings for the past fourteen years. Not only are her readings extremely accurate, but Janice gives an unparalleled insight into both the spiritual and practical areas of life. The entire process is an extremely cathartic experience during which you will feel supported and relaxed in the safe space Janice creates for you. 

She removes the mysticism that seems to surround so many others who are in the same line of work, making you feel instantly at ease in her presence. She is down to earth, empathetic and very much 'to the point'. Janice is a truly, genuinely gifted psychic who I would highly recommend to anyone.



I have been seeing Janice Richards for psychic readings over the past 15 years and she has been uncannily accurate with her predictions throughout that time. She has foreseen major life events and also also helped me transition a very difficult time coming to terms with chronic pain & illness. Janice also has an interest in helping people progress on their spiritual journey, so I go to see her when I'm feeling a little “off track”. With her ability to contact my spiritual guides, I can get clear information on how to achieve better balance in my life. It has been very beneficial for me and my family, and the countless number of friends I have referred. You will not regret a minute of your time spent with this gifted lady. 


Energy Healings

I am in a high stress high-pressure role and it’s my own business.  At times, it can be overwhelming and this is when I go and see Janice for a healing.  I cannot speak more highly of Janice and how I feel after my healing – I usually walk in feeling like everything is going pear shaped and in a downward spiral and I walk out feeling balanced, calm and knowing that everything is going to be ok!  And it is, things start going right, the money starts coming in and I feel positive expectation.  It’s helped me so much, I’ve also taken my 7 year old daughter who was suffering from separation anxiety and it really helped her – in fact she asked after her first session “can I do that all the time”.  She loved it too!!! I cannot recommend Janice and her healing more highly.



I see Janice for healing sessions. She uses a combination of therapies (essential oils, crystal bowl sound healing, Reiki and more) to help ease pain, anxiety, and body imbalances. I always feel relaxed, rested and more at ease after a healing session with Janice. With a clear mind and an elevated mood I feel I can better cope with the stresses and strains of a chronic illness. All this with the added bonus of no unwanted side effects as often experienced with prescription medication. Her treatments are bliss!



My first healing with Janice took place over 10 years ago and completely changed my life.  I know that might seem like an overstatement, but it’s the honest truth.  That healing completely shifted something within me,’ lifting the veil’ as they say, so that I could finally stop and see things truthfully and not just react to emotions or drama around me.  So whether it was a disagreement with my partner or a work colleague, I no longer reacted but could actually ‘see’ why they felt that way.  This completely changed my relationships both personally and professionally and really took me on an amazing journey of spiritual development.  Since that initial healing, there has been many more, each one different but just as intense and profound. Janice is incredibly gifted, her energy healings are always of the highest vibration, and she creates a safe, magical space to heal. Whether it is a physical or emotional issue, which leads me to her, the healing is always exactly what I need at the time.  I have met many spiritual healers all over the world but will always come back to Janice as I have found that for me, none can compare.  I truly feel blessed to have found Janice as she is not only an amazing psychic and spiritual healer, but a kind and compassionate person.  



I have been attending Janice's Thursday night meditations after initially having a reading from her. I have done the beginners and advanced development course.  Have found that Janice's work has a strong spiritual base and has helped me immensely in my life. Janice's teaching instills confidence in anyone wanting to realise their true potential. I feel very fortunate that I had the opportunity to be part of her inspirational work.

During this time, as well as my own spiritual development, I have see hundreds of people searching for their path journey, seek out Janice for assistance whether it be for a reading, healing, counselling, meditation or development. Janice attracts to her a very high energy from spirit for the people and groups that she helps on a daily basis - one knows they are in the right place when the energy is given to them like very few other groups receive, no matter what level you are at or think you are at. Janice channels various beings of high levels themselves that usually come through depending on the group with timely messages for the people in these groups. 

Love and Blessings, James

Meditation & Healing Circles

I have attended Janice's fortnightly meditation group for the last 15 years and have found it to be a personally transformative experience for my spiritual growth. I find it easier to meditate with with other people who are seeking enlightenment and spiritual evolvement as our energies combine to make it a more powerful experience.

We also benefit from receiving wise advice from Spiritual masters and more highly evolved beings through Janice's unique talent of being a channel. The messages received are helpful and timely. And finishing off, we spend time in healing sessions with each other or as a group. I always leave these meditation evenings a great deal less stressed than when I arrived.

A lot of benefit for only two hours a fortnight. 


I have known Janice for over 10 years. I am grateful to be part of Janice’s meditation circles which continue to teach and heal me.

Over the years I have also had many readings with Janice. She is an excellent psychic medium offering messages direct from spirit. Her readings are spot on and have given me guidance in my personal spiritual journey and everyday life.
Janice is a kind down to earth lady who genuinely cares for the well being of people. I highly recommend you see Janice for a reading or healing.





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