Psychic Development

Everyone is their own psychic. You just need to learn how to listen to your own inner signals and identify your strongest ability. Many people want to get their own answers but are often stressed when asking and this blocks results.


If you are a beginner or haven't had much experience with meditation, the Personal Intuitive and Empowerment  course would be suitable for you. This course covers all the basics of what you need to do to open up, to heal and to listen to your intuition.


Psychic development is a journey. However you can't expect to do one course and find yourself fully awakened. Your participation in the Personal Intuitive and Empowerment Workshop will put you at the start of a wonderful journey of discovery. 


Individual sessions are available.


Psychic Development and Empowerment Workshop

This course is aimed at any person who is looking to heal themselves, and open up to their own intuition.

The course covers:

Meditation, auras, sound healing, chakras balance, rebirthing, balancing of the male and female energies within.

Learning what is your strongest intuitive type and how to use to it in daily life to help you in the right direction for you.

Accessing your own mind energy to reprogram and change your life.

Connecting with your guides.

Small personal groups 

This course is suitable for beginner to intermediate levels.

 Includes power or healing crystal.


DAY of WEEK:  Saturday 

TIMES:  9.00am to 3.00pm

VENUE: CARINA, address will be provided on booking.

NEXT DATE: 15 June 2024

LIMIT of 10 participants

COST: $180 (AUD)

Morning and Afternoon tea are included. Booking and deposit are required.

NOTE: Please contact Janice directly for booking and payment details.


Psychic Energy Workshop

If you are advanced on the road to development the psychic energy workshop is what you need to further yourself. To really breakthrough and open up your energy centres you need high vibrational groups. In this group it is always five people who are all at the same level. I bring in different energies into the group which will affect each person differently.

This is  to enhance psychic and healing ability.


A unique experience will happen for each person i.e. channeling, clearing blocks, enhancing of abilities &

connect more closely with your own guides.


This group has to have the right people coming together so only run periodically.


DAY of WEEK: Wednesday fortnightly 


IMES: 6.30 pm to 8 pm  for 5 sessions

COST:  $200

LEVEL:  Intermediate/Advanced


NOTE:  Please contact Janice directly for dates, booking and payment details.



Numerology is the study of your name and birth date. Your birth date is a blue print of your soul. It can reveal many things:


What are you here for?

What is your life path number?

What karmic strengths and weaknesses have you chosen to experience?


Each number and series of numbers in your birth date has a hidden meaning. By understanding numerology you can understand your self a little more, and you can also understand others around you.


For example, numbers can tell you if this is the right time for you to be making changes in your Career path. It is amazing the possibilities you can learn about from looking at your own birth date.


Your name is also examined. The alphabet can be converted to numbers and adds to what you already have in a good way or negative way. Names can be changed to enhance numerology.


DAY of WEEK:  Saturday

VENUE: CARINA, address will be provided on booking.


TIMES:  9am to 3.30pm

COST:  $200 (AUD)



NOTE:  Please contact Janice directly for dates, booking and payment details. 


Dream Analysis and Symbols

Dreams are an insight into our lives. This course helps you interpret the signs and symbols you see in your dreams and in your waking state.


While a lot of dreams are clearing out fear and thoughts from the day, the ones before waking often tell us things that will be happening. The key is to understand what you are seeing. They are more often than not in dream script and shown as a symbol rather than a movie of your life.


By learning how to interpret what you are dreaming about, you will learn to understand the symbols.


We are surrounded by symbolism everyday which is the universe sending us messages.

Dreams and symbols helps you to understand these clues.



TIMES: 7pm to 9pm

COST: $40 (AUD) per person. Add $24 (AUD) if you wish to purchase cards and symbols cards


Limited numbers available.  


Please contact Janice directly to register your interest in participating in this course.

Payment & Bookings


Bookings and deposits are essential for all courses. A deposit is required no later than one week before your course commences.


All course fees are non-refundable once you have commenced the course.





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