Lions Gate 8.8.2020

We have a significant energy coming from 8.August called the Lions Gate. I have attached a channeled message.
Dear Ones
Each year on the 8th of the 8th a portal opens to a higher alignment.
Connecting you with this wisdom of the star Sirius.
What does this mean?
You have an opportunity to shift thought and consciousness to a higher way of thinking and being.
The earth is filled with lower vibrational energy which is the drama and chaos and negative way of thinking.
In your true self you have a higher self and this is an opportunity to look through that place instead of perhaps what is usually is around you.
This is not just for one day but the shift could allow a permanent change.
During this time the veil is very thin to your loved ones and your guides so you may feel them around or having lots of dreams or getting your own psychic information.
All of your extra senses could be awakened during this time.
You may feel more, hear more or see more than usual.
This is a great time to allow yourself to awaken and leave the drama behind.
The choice is yours.
Allow yourself to have some inner quietness with meditation, breath work or walking. This will allow the true nature of what you are meant to be experiencing to come to the surface.
Leading up to and during the opening you may experience physical symptoms such as light headedness , digestive issues or mild headaches.
Your intuition will be heightened and astral travelling at night.
During this time there will also be many endings and also new beginnings.
Heightened time is 8th of August until the 18th of August.
Blessings Ashtar
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