Clairsentience is the ability to feel.
This is what is commonly called gut instinct.
It is the strongest psychic ability we have naturally.
We just need to trust it.
Often we get a bad feeling about a person or situation and the head gets involved and tries to talk us out of it but the gut is always right.
Many empaths feel the energy of others so its important to protect your own energy with simple exercises .
This will stop you getting drained of energy.
Each morning do a visualisation of white light from head to toe following by a bubble of protection.
There are a lot of protective techniques. Don't get confused just try one that suits.
This is not out of fear, its so you do not take on other peoples energy.
With turmoil in the world, empaths are going nuts with other peoples fear .
Doing the protection will help as well as focusing on sending love and healing rather than negativities.