Chanelled Message 2020

New moon and Solar eclipse Thursday 26th December.
This will represent a chance for a fresh start either to the way we think or what we do.
Eclipses tend to give us a giant shove to make us move away from our comfort zones.

This is always for our highest self but we don't always think that way.
I have added a channelled message regarded 2020 below.

Merry Christmas To everyone

Dear Ones
2019 has been a time of growth and learning. We know it has not been easy for many of you.
The earth has been going through a major frequency shift for the last few years.
You were living in a place of 3rd dimensional living meaning the lower energy of just physical and emotional thoughts.
and you may have been caught up in limiting belief systems, caught up in drama and emotional issues and fear.

As the earth steps up to a higher frequency of 5th dimensional energy and above you will find your higher self or start to think as a spiritual being.
Many of the experiences you have are a way to get you to look at life from a higher perspective.
2019 has been for many a harsh learning year but these things may have changed you or opened a door to different opportunities.
Eventually you will look to your higher side and the dramas of lower living will not effect you.

Everthing is changing . The society you live in will change.

Types of jobs will change moving forward.
2020 is a year for movement.
This is an opportunity to move forward in your life and find fullfillment and happiness.
This comes from being in a place of gratitude, listening to your own heart energy .

You are moving to a place of personal power.Meaning that you have the power within you to create and manifest
Every thought, every action is powerful so now is the time to watch your words . When you say things positively or negatively it is creative.
For example when you criticise yourself ,it shrinks your energy field and leaves you feeling diminsished.
When you say i will never have money, you are creating a negative pattern around money and there fore you won't have money the same with relationships.
Take the time think about what you are saying because it is very powerful.

Make the most of the magical year that is around the corner.
Above all, step away from the drama and listen to your real self.



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