We have a spiritual gateway opening on the 10th of the 10th this Thursday.
October represents new beginnings in numerology so there is going to be a significant emphasis on this.

A spiritual gateway means for a short period of time energies change so that we have the opportunity to grow personally.
Time to really let go of what we can't control in our lives and more importantly let go of the small stuff.
This an opportunity when your higher self which is filled with divine wisdom is waiting to connect with you.
Time to listen but first we need to quieten our heads so that we can hear clearly.
Just to clarify you may not actually hear it as the universe speaks to us individually.
Some people see, hear, feel or higher thoughts come in.
For many people it is just a very strong pull to change something or everything in your life.
The key is allow the head to be quiet and receive the message in your own way.
Many light workers struggle between living in our material world and trusting your spiritual side.
Choose to listen to your inner knowing and you will be led to a happy path.
The material side or logical side is filled with fear and uncertainty.
Ultimately the choice is always yours but you always need
back yourself.

Steps to help the head be quiet
Sit quietly with no distractions
Imagine dropping down away from your body.
Letting go of the physical thoughts.
Letting go of the thoughts
Dropping down to the soul body
Dropping down to the collective
Dropping down to pure love, pure energy
Dropping down to the void