Channelled Mesage

Channelled message from Metatron.

To be able to move forward in your souls journey you must remind yourself that you are an expression of light.
Your journey is a temporary situation filled with lessons and experiences for the soul and then you return to light.
To bring you into your right path or to break free of the illusion
repeat the statement three times to your self.

" I am now an expression of divine light"

This will help you when drama fills your life.

State "all that is illusion is now absorbed into light"
say this three times.

To clear patterns that you may be carrying from relatives or ancestors.
State " i release cell memory patterns of my ancestors"
You carry patterns with in your cells of your body until released.
For example their may be a limitation from a previous generation regarding abundance and you can't seem to get ahead. There could be a subconscious block
.It could be about relationships or any aspect of your life.
Say this statement 3 times.

'I am now free of all contracts." Three times
This could be sacred contracts, past life contracts, karmic contracts.
These contracts sometimes keep you allowing someone very negative in your life to keep coming back".

"I am now free and limitless"
This will allow you to connect with your soul energy rather than what we think we need to do or what we think is expected.
Staying on your own path.