Lions Gate 8. 8


On thursday we have the spiritual and energetic gateway of 8.8
This is a massive opportunity to rise above our limitations and live as a higher way of thinking and being.
You are probably already feeling energy, You may be having wierd dreams or restless nights, you may feel the need for quietness and nature. You may literally feel like doing nothing.

When we talk of going beyond limitations it means on a higher spiritual level. 
We get caught up in the drama and emotions of other and forget we are spiritual being s having a physical experience.
At out core we have so much potential to create and manifest and have an amazing experience and connect with the full flow of the universe.
When gateways like this appear this is a great time to reconsider everthing that is not good and what you would like to bring in.
Do not listen to others. Only you can make decisions for you.

Think about writing out a list or thoughts on the 7th of August. Listing changes or things you would like to alter or let go of.
Pay special attention to what keeps coming to you repeatedly in thoughts or dreams that may be leading you in a new direction.
Its all up to you. Opportunities for personal growth are there right now but you have to back yourself and believe yourself.
You deserve it.