Channeled mesage for 2018.

Dear ones
Know that you are on the right path even if it seems that you are lost or not in the place.
Know that 2017 has been a time of lessons and challenges.
It is time to look at what it is that you are getting caught up in emotionally.
Lets start by reminding you of the illusion of the earth. You are are spiritual being having a human experience. You get caught up in low dimensional thinking and this pulls you down and you forget the illusion.

Time to remind yourself of this.
The people or situation that have triggered you are opportunities to have a full understanding of who you are. 
Everything can be changed by changing your thinking. 
What are you focusing on ? Probably focusing on what is negative in your life and therefore adding to a bad situation.
If you are caught up in thinking so badly you cant shake it, start by writing out a gratitude list of what is good in your life. Gratitude brings good energy. Dont do this for one day or one week or you will go back to your old self. Do this for a month to start with.
Remember what ever you focus on is creative.
You and only you can change this and it can be the beginning of a wonderful experience where you live as your higher self.
Manifesting and creating without blockages.

Reminders ; Relationships are about you not anyone else.
What is right for you ?
Love and be kind to yourself

Money is not about your wages or your job.
Money is how you think about it. If you are limited to thinking it about your wages when you get laid off or self employed and have a quiet week you will stress yourself to pieces.
Love money , respect it and it will come.

Soul purpose is a hearts desire not something someone can make you do or even know for you.

Make 2018 the most amazing year it has the potential to be.

Love and blessing