This came through a channelled message. If you have a lot of difficulty keeping out of your head this message is for you.


You are aware that every thought creates your experience but you still get caught up in drama of the day, the week, the year.

If you start to practice a mantra of 8 minutes per day it will literally change your life.


Mantras have been around for thousands of years. It is the repeat of one word or a series of word. A mantra is a positive statement to awaken our higher self, the pure spirit within us.

It creates a positive mind set and heals the cells of the body.


You will need to be consistant. 8 minutes a day every day. If you do not practice this each day you will slip back to old ways of thinking.


There are many mantras to choose from as simple as om, aah, ong namo guru dev namo, sat nam, or just recite the word love.


You will need to say it out loud as it is the sound of your own voice reverberating that heals. All of the above mantras have a similar meaning.




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